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Generating sufficient income is at the heart of feeling financially secure. However, building income is not just about choosing the right investments; it’s also about ensuring your investments are as tax efficient as possible. I cannot emphasize this last point strongly enough.

At worst, if you’re a higher rate tax payer you will receive just 60p for each £1 of income you receive. That’s a huge amount to lose and simple, quick; tax efficient investments can help enormously.


It was a problem facing Mr. and Mrs. Lee two clients I met recently. A fixed term bond they held had just matured and the replacement offered a pitiful yield, leaving them £10,000 a year worse off. They needed help and quickly.


Upon closer inspection, their previous advisers had done them few favors. Instead of making full use of tax free ISAs, they had used old fashioned taxable insurance investment bonds.


I suggested cashing in their investment bonds and reinvesting in a portfolio of income generating unit trusts, making full use of their ISAs. Their income is now back up to the level they need and they are paying around £2,000 less in tax a year. Mr. and Mrs. Lee have also started using their age allowances to the full. This is the higher personal income tax allowance you receive from age 65. Mr. and Mrs. Lee are now simply making better use of their money.


They have the comfort that their investments are generating the income they need, allowing them to relax and enjoy their retirement.


Choosing investments to generate income and minimizing the tax you pay on it is just one area where our Financial Practitioners can help. Whatever you want from your investments they will be happy to suggest a solution where possible.


The level of advice you take can be tailored to your requirements – from one-off investment advice to get you started right up to full portfolio management. To allow you to decide which is best for you, the initial meeting is free of charge for investors with more than £50,000 to invest. This gives you a chance to discuss your investments and what you would like to achieve with your adviser, who can help you decide whether you need financial advice and if so which service would be best for you.


To find out more or to book a free consultation with one of our award winning Financial Practitioners please call us on